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Material Magnetizer Systems
Material Magnetizer Systems A system for improved magnetization of flexible magnetic sheet material, such as magnetic rubber. More particularly, this invention relates to providing a system for magnetization of printed or printable flexible magnetic sheet material.

On-Location Electronics Troubleshooting Services System
On-Location Electronics Troubleshooting Services System A method and system for providing on-location troubleshooting services to homeowners and businesses for low-voltage electronic equipment and other on-location services. It employs the use of an Internet-based system for recording customer requests for service and subsequently automatically dispatching technicians and managing provision of the requested services. It also provides functions to support customer and technician recruitment and sign up. Additionally, it provides functions for recording customer satisfaction, requesting repair services and links to low-voltage electronics equipment suppliers for purchasing desired low-voltage electronics equipment. Service areas, work cells are established for groups of customers which are closely located geographically. Technicians are recruited and assigned responsibility for work cells based on whether their residence is in or close to a particular work cell or group of work cells. Customers and technicians may also access certain functions of the Internet-based system through telephones and telephone interface to the Internet-based system.

Gas Reconditioning System
Gas Reconditioning System Closed system breathable gas regeneration systems comprising temperature swing adsorption ("TSA") using metabolic regeneration, such systems being useful for EVA in extraterrestrial environments having hostile atmospheres.

Plant Watering System
Plant Watering System A system for dispersing water to the root zone of one or more plants beneath the soil's surface, comprising a perforated hollow cylindrical tube, ending in a spike, with an internal filter, which is driven into the ground to deliver water to the root zone of a plant or plants is disclosed.

Memento Timepiece Systems
Memento Timepiece Systems A memento timepiece system adapted to assist an individual in the daily observance of at least one daily event memorable to the individual. Many individuals have within their experience, a person, life event, or other occasion that they wish to remember daily, weekly or monthly. The present invention comprises a timepiece, such as a wristwatch, having a factory preset alarm time to mark a daily act of remembrance. Business methods relating to the manufacture and distribution of the memento timepiece systems are also disclosed.

Remote Control Systems
Remote Control Systems A system that allows a user to install a remote control transmitter to transmit a control signal in response to the driver flashing the high-beam headlights in a vehicle without cutting and splicing wires in the vehicle electrical system. Pluggable light system components such as the light bulb housing, the light bulb socket, and/or the headlight fuse are structured and arranged to contain a radio frequency transmitter that draws power from the existing electrical circuits. A method of use is also disclosed.

Material Magnetizer Systems
Material Magnetizer Systems A system for improved magnetization of flexible magnetic sheet material, such as magnetic rubber. More particularly, this invention relates to providing a system for magnetization of pre-printed flexible magnetic sheet material.

Secure Strap System
Secure Strap System A strap system for selectively and independently binding and/or releasing at least one sets of essentially longitudinal objects, such as wires, from one another. A continuous strip of such two-sided material may be stored on a reel and is designed so that a user may select a preferred length and configuration for a particular use by making a single cut of the material strip from the reel-strip end.

Waste Oil Electrical Generation Systems
Waste Oil Electrical Generation Systems An on-site electrical power generation system utilizing environmentally hazardous waste oils as a combustible fuel. The disclosed invention utilizes the combustion of environmentally hazardous waste oils to drive a heat engine and electrical generator. In addition, the system is adapted to provide local space heating and hot water as a byproduct of the combustion process.

Cooling System
Cooling System A portable thermal-control system adapted to support space-related research and exploration. Embodiments of the present invention assist in preventing overheating of small payloads being transported from an orbiting space vehicle to a planetary surface by small atmospheric-entry vehicles. Other embodiments of the present invention provide thermal control within an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) suit. Each embodiment utilizes at least one phase-change material, cooled significantly below the freezing temperature, to absorb heat.

Diper Changing Systems
Diper Changing Systems A diaper changing mat comprising an attached, flexible and infant-drapeable, fold-over urine shield structured and arranged to prevent urine exposure from infant-generated urine while still providing easy access to the infant's diaper area. The diaper changing mat is preferably disposable. A preferred heart-shaped urine shield blocks urine streams without hindering access to the infant's diaper area. Alternately preferably, the diaper changing mat may be reusable and washable or preferably comprise a removable waterproof insert. The diaper changing mat may also attach to a changing-table element, such as, for example, a foam pad.

Aerodynamic Trucking Systems
Aerodynamic Trucking Systems A system of aerodynamic skirt fairings designed to minimize aerodynamic drag and maintain smoother air flow over highway-operated long-haul tractor-trailer vehicles.

Stool The ornamental design for a stool, as shown and described.

Bar Stool
Bar Stool The ornamental design for a bar stool, as shown and described.

Hands Free Pet Waste Collection Systems
Hands Free Pet Waste Collection Systems A system for picking up objects--such as pet waste, debris, and similar noxious materials--and automatically sealing objects within a disposable liner. The liner is installed on a hand-held scooper device by an automatic applicator. The liners comprise a self-sealing feature adapted to assist in encapsulating the waste. The applicator also functions as a storage holder for the hand-held scoop.

Magnification Systems
Magnification Systems A system to support at least one magnification device on a readable digital display screen upon a base that is interchangeable with a clamp, and that is further capable of omni-directionally orienting the supported magnification device about at least two axes.

Traffic Control Expansion and Testing Systems
Traffic Control Expansion and Testing Systems A system relating to improved traffic-control hardware expansion and component testing. More particularly, this invention relates to providing systems for efficient expansion and portable testing of NEMA-standard TS-1 and TS-2 traffic-control devices used in traffic-control applications. The system is especially useful in extending the service life of "aging" fixed-size traffic-control cabinets, within existing traffic-control networks.

Antifreeze Dyeing/Mixing Systems and Methods
Antifreeze Dyeing/Mixing Systems and Methods Systems and methods relating to improvements in automotive facilities/service stations that utilize antifreeze engine coolant while servicing multiple manufacturer vehicles. Antifreeze dyeing systems and methods are disclosed to provide single inventory bulk colorless antifreeze and small inventory custom dye to closely match Original End Manufacturer (OEM) colored antifreeze; and, reduce costs of product and inventory of multiple antifreeze colors, types and containers.

Wall-Lifting Systems
Wall-Lifting Systems A system for safe, efficient lifting of partially fabricated walls during light-frame construction. Such walls are built in a horizontal position and are manually rotated into a vertical position using a lifting apparatus mounted to one or more framing members of the wall. The lifting apparatus allows the wall to be positioned and held at an intermediate resting/safety point for protection of user during the lift. A method of use and kit comprising the lifting apparatus are also disclosed.

Table The ornamental design for a table, as shown and described.

Hydrogen Fuel Systems
Hydrogen Fuel Systems Improved electrolysis systems for production of Brown's gas. The produced Brown's gas is made available for co-combustion with hydrocarbon fuel in an internal combustion engine to improve the fuel efficiency of the internal combustion engine.

Chair The ornamental design for a chair, as shown and described.

Fluid-Marker Delivery Systems
Fluid-Marker Delivery Systems A system relating to non-lethal gas-pressurized hand grenades used in the game of paintball, or other recreational war games. The system provides for an air-pressurized paintball grenade that is thrown or otherwise ballistic delivered to the target. The paintball grenade does not trigger until delivered to the target. It is constructed to be easily refilled and pressurized for repeated, safe, and environmentally friendly use. The paintball grenade comprises stabilizing fins, an integral hand-pump for pressurization, a trigger blocker, and attaching apparatus for carrying.

Camera Imaging Georeferencing
Camera Imaging Georeferencing A method for constructing a georeferencing-enabled camera model and its deployment in georeferencing targets located in video sequences due to a single video camera. A video surveillance camera is modeled by a collection of rays converging at a virtual camera point and the retina resolution cell coordinates associated with those rays wherein the ray equations are first established, in the course of a calibration process, for a given camera view, with the aid of other views of the same video surveillance camera, as necessary, and using such a model for mapping image coordinates to terrain coordinates and vice versa in the intended view or its adaptation for use in other views of the same video surveillance camera

Medical Garment Systems
Medical Garment Systems A medical garment system for comfortably restraining at least one limb of a gown wearer while permitting the wearer to receive medical treatment. The medical garment system is particularly useful for special needs patients, such as autistic children, who may become frightened when medical personnel are attempting to administer medication. Such patients may react by violently moving their arms, causing themselves or the medical personnel harm. When the arms of such a patient are comfortably subdued during such procedures, the patient is better protected from injury.

Coin Convenience Systems
Coin Convenience Systems A system relating to improved coin currency containment, collection, and retrieval, when carrying or utilizing a purse or pocketbook. The system provides an exterior-mounted coin slot that directs loose coin from such coin slot into an interior expandable zippered pocket within the pocketbook. Alternately, the pocket has a window to view such stored coin in the internal coin pocket portion, assisting a user in easy recognition and retrieval of desired coin from the pocket. It may, under appropriate circumstances, also be used on other personal item carriers such as, purses, handbags, wallets, backpacks, messenger bags, attaches, fanny packs, duffel bags, luggage, etc.

Combustion Stabilization Systems
Combustion Stabilization Systems Systems for stabilizing combustion while minimizing NOx generation by using high-flame-speed additives to stabilize the flame front in combustors operating at relatively low temperatures and/or under oxygen constraints. The system is adapted for use in coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, and gas turbine engines. The methods stabilize the flame front to permit stable combustion under an expanded range of part-load conditions. The system provides substantially complete combustion of coal in coal boilers resulting in ash saleable for use in concrete manufacturing.

Modular Tools
Modular Tools A modular tool having a cutting end and a writing end. The cutting end comprises a retractable utility knife. The marking end comprises marker (an ink pen, a highlighter, a marker, or a wax pencil), a pocket clip, and a cap. The cutting end and the writing end are removably rigidly connected, and either end can be modularly replaced. The system includes a kit comprising the tool with replacement blades and multiple markers, and a method of using the modular tool.

Tactical Microphone Support Systems
Tactical Microphone Support Systems A tactical microphone support system to attach a tactical microphone to a law enforcement uniform and keep it supported in place, particularly when a law enforcement officer is being physically active, such as, for example, while pursuing a suspect. Preferably, the tactical microphone support attaches to at least one button on a law enforcement shirt. The tactical microphone support provides for center, right or left handed attachment.

Sleeping Bag Systems
Sleeping Bag Systems A sleeping bag system relating to assisting a user to choose to walk, stand upright, sit, use one's arms and hands, or be otherwise mobile while inside the comfort and warmth of a sleeping bag. The system also provides for full enclosure within the sleeping bag as well as hygienic access without exiting the sleeping bag.

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